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What Our Guests Say about their river trip


"What an experience!  The guides were exceptional as was the food.  It was magical how they turned out a gourmet meal every morning, noon and evening right there in the wilderness. Oregon is a beautiful state...the scenery unsurpassed. It will live in my memory a long time. I'm glad I chose ORE!"

Elenore S.,  Rogue River


"We Loved Our Trip With You!  Connie and Nancy and I are still re-living each glorious day on the river... remembering all the greenery around us, the rushing water, the sound of being summoned to fantastic meals on the river bank, and the knowledge and encouragement of the guides throughout the trip.  It was truly a fantastic experience!  I cannot imagine how the trip could have been better.  We rowed the whole river ourselves with the exception of the top of Blossom Bar which Kate rowed us through and then turned the oars back to us.  I can't thank you enough for allowing me to re-live my dream of running this magnificent river like I did 30 years ago, and for acquainting Nancy and Connie with an experience that they'll never forget."

Niki L., Rogue River


"During the entire trip I felt safe, well informed and entertained. the guides were very knowledgeable about the area and shared their expertise of rafting and low impact camping, I was amazed at how well they managed our diverse group of people and made each of us feel well cared for and special"

Sandy D., Owyhee River


"The guide was on time, bright, personable and very knowledgeable about the river and wildlife in the area."

Jim H., North Santiam River


"I would like to thank your company for the organization of the Rogue River hike on which I was a guest.  Every aspect of the trip was well planned, well equipped, and well executed.  Our guides -- Dove, Travis, and Hooper – were knowledgeable, hardworking, and companionable – not to mention great cooks.   Thank you again for your efforts and keep up the good work."

Gordon J., Rogue River Raft-Supported Hike


I had the sheer pleasure of rafting with O.R.E. this past July. The guides really made this experience a joy. Outstanding customer service - you have, I believe, some of the greatest employees a company could have. Their spirit, charisma and positive attitude were always present.

Liz H., Salmon River


"Our experience was both empowering and relaxing. We can only hope that others can experience such an adventure. The meals were impressive, healthy and fun. The rafting equipment provided was excellent. The training and personalities of the guides were perfect. The best vacation of our lives!"

Russ and Kate H., Salmon River


Thank you for a wonderful day on the Clackamas. The kids and staff had a blast and your guides were excellent! Thanks again! I'll be in touch next year!

Rose M., Clackamas River


"I seriously don't know how the trip could have been better. Everything went far beyond my expectations. I felt confident, secure, comfortable, and cared for at all times."

Carolyn B., Salmon River


"Your guides are the best I have ever come across in my many years on the river. Their attitude, patience, guidance and professionalism were extraordinary."

Dale M., Rogue River


"Just a quick note to say 'Thank You' for another great vacation!  Your trips are too fun, your guides are too good…this is becoming a vacation addiction problem!

Stephanie M., Rogue River


"We especially want to let you know how great your guides were. They were absolutely tops: professional, warm, friendly and fun. Good cooks, too. We look forward to another adventure with O.R.E.!"

Patty P. and Joel F., Owyhee River


"An epic river trip. Have been on many wilderness trips, but this was epic. Chad, Ted, and Dove were outstanding. They're excellent raft operators, and very comfortable to be with."

Jeff G., Owyhee River


"We had never done anything like rafting before, and it turned out to be an entirely wonderful experience. The river and surroundings were beautiful. Our campsites were delightful. Your guides were simply marvelous. I can't tell you how much I admire them. and your naturalist was a wonderful addition to the trip."

Honor H., Salmon River


"The scenery was gorgeous and the food was superb. But the thing that made the trip such a great experience was the guides and their expertise. O.R.E.'s guides are incredible."

Pat C., Grande Ronde River


"My husband and I had a wonderful time on the Clackamas River with your guides. It was the highlight of our trip to Portland, and we hope to get our entire family to come along next time we come out from Boston. Thanks so much!"

Cherisa Z., Clackamas River


"The unfailing good humour and gentle concern and respect of the entire crew was central to this being a top flight experience. It was a wonderful and memorable week."

Robert L., Salmon River


"I would like to compliment your company and particularly our two guides on our recent trip down the John Day River. Trip planning details were first fate. Equipment was excellent. Meals were outstanding. The guides could not have been better. I plan to take more trips with your company in the future."

Clay F., John Day River


"Thank you for sending such comprehensive information. It's rare that I'm 'wowed' by a company, but this confirmation and information email was great! It's the little things like this that truly make a group like ORE stand out. I think Joe and I are going to have a great time and we're really lucky to have found you randomly on the web!"

Lela M.


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