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Rogue River Raft Supported Hikes

Many wilderness rivers are partially accessible by trail, but rarely do those trails follow the river for any length. The historic Rogue River hiking trail is a notable exception, as it parallels one of the river's most scenic & pristine 40 miles.

You can enjoy this truly unique experience along the Rogue River hiking trail while you carry only a simple daypack with your camera, binoculars, water bottle and sweater.   Everything else will be packed into waterproof bags and carried on the rafts that follow your course down the river. The boats carry the heavy gear and meet you for lunch and dinner.

With only your daypack, your Rogue River hiking experience becomes unencumbered and allows you to eat high quality, fresh foods. Something that backpackers can normally only dream of while hiking in the wilderness. Or if you get a little tired we can even have you hop on for a relaxing float to rest your feet.

This is the ideal trip for backpackers who want to hike a beautiful, historic trail in greater comfort that is normally possible. For those of you who have floated the river, this is an opportunity to explore the Rogue River canyon more fully. Viewed from above the river takes on a new beauty, and in the spring the lush hillsides are bright with wildflowers.  The Raft Supported Hiking Trip on the Rogue River is a special way to see to see the river and offers treasures rarely seen from the river.

Both camping trips and lodge trips are available, visit the Rogue River page for more information on prices and dates.