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Full-Day and Multi-Day Rafting Trips Throughout the Oregon Wilderness

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The closest whitewater rafting to Portland

Clackamas River Rafting – Day Trip

The Wild & Scenic Clackamas River is rated as one of the best rafting adventures in Oregon and is only a 45 minute drive from Portland's East side. An unbeatable combination. Three thrilling Class II or Class III+ white water rafting trips are available to choose from. Our half-day trips on the Lower Clackamas are perfect for those new to rafting or with smaller kids. The Upper Clackamas offers a more thrilling rafting adventure. The full-day Upper Clackamas Experience is the most thrilling white water rafting trip we offer. This river has it all.

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The sunny side of Oregon rafting

Deschutes River Rafting – Day Trip

Oregon's #1 most popular one-day white water rafting trip. The Wild & Scenic Deschutes River rafting trip flows through high desert with consistent and exciting Class III-IV white water rapids. Suitable for beginners, your rafting trip also features world-class fishing and lots of wildlife. This river is only 2 hours from Portland and offers lots of sunshine and swimming even when Western Oregon is cloudy.

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An American Classic of the West

Rogue River Rafting – Multi Day

The Wild & Scenic Rogue River canyon is an enchanting blend of lush forests, fern grottos, beautiful sandy beaches, sparkling waterfalls, lovely side streams, and cool clear swimming holes. The river boasts 35+ mainly Level III white water rafting rapids over 42 miles, in addition to historical sights, hikes, and peaceful riverside greens. This idyllic white water canyon provides our longest river rafting season from May through September.

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Experience your own Oregon river adventure

For over 40 years, at O.R.E. we believe that nothing renews mind, body, and spirit better than a river adventure. The thrill of challenging the rapids, the quiet joy of exploring a scenic side stream, the warmth of sharing stories around a campfire – these experiences enrich our lives. Once you’ve joined us we think you will agree.  


We believe that in sharing the rivers of the Pacific Northwest, everyone can find their own river experience and share in the common bond of river running. It is a privilege that we find ourselves on these magical river trips that provide so much more than just having fun. Through our trips we share in special places that we hope everyone can learn to appreciate and want to keep protected for future generations to enjoy.  


As an owner-operated company, we are focused on the customer experience. Our many different trip options means that we can help you make sure your choosing the right river adventure. Being a smaller company means that many of our guests have become more like our river family than a guest. We enjoy seeing families and groups return year after year, being a part of their vacation experiences.


Join us today for a life-changing trip on one of Oregon’s amazing rivers. 

Day Trips

Discover the thrill of the Oregon rivers with our day trips, perfect for those short on time but eager for adventure. Whether you’re paddling through rapid waters or enjoying a peaceful float, our day trips offer a quick escape into nature’s embrace, suitable for all ages and experience levels.



Extend your adventure with our multi-day river trips. Immerse yourself in the serene beauty of Oregon’s rivers, camping under the stars and paddling through breathtaking landscapes. Perfect for those who crave a deeper connection with nature.



Oregon River Experiences offers a diverse array of unique trips designed for those seeking a fresh way to explore Oregon. From raft-supported hikes and kayak adventures to tailored opportunities for seniors, we provide exceptional experiences for every type of adventurer.



The reason to choose O.R.E. is that everyone, both old and young will surely be thrilled with the ability to sit back, relax and get back to what’s important, having fun on a river rafting trip. That is why you want to go rafting after all.


You’ll feel safe and return home with stories of your adventure to share for a lifetime. Our guests have been embarking on exciting memorable trips with O.R.E. since 1978 and keep coming back to explore the many different rivers offered.

All Ages Adventures

Most of our trips have a suggested minimum age of 7, but options exist for adventurers as young as 5 years old. O.R.E. prides itself on taking groups of all ages and including adventurous seniors on trips from 1 to 9 days. There is a river trip that can match you and your group's needs.

Lifelong Memories

The shared laughter, cheers, and shouts of excitement during the journey often become some of the fondest memories. These moments of pure joy and exhilaration stay with you long after the adventure ends, as do the new river friends you have met along your river experience.

Your Oregon Outfitter

With Oregon River Experiences running 10 rivers in Oregon & Idaho, you're choosing an outfitter that knows the whole state and can become your partner in river adventures in the Pacific Northwest. We're not just about running one river and then disappearing; we take joy in sharing each river's unique spots with all our guests.

Customer Stories



A river trip is a special experience for us here at O.R.E and that’s why we think it’s so important to have the best group of guides around to help foster good times and good memories. Each of our guides have a huge respect for the rivers and environment we work and play in.


We know that each river adventure is not just about the water. It’s the wildlife, flora and fauna, the canyons, the human imprints, and the protections in place to keep our rivers pristine. When you raft with O.R.E, you’ll get caught up in the beauty, the water thrills, and the passion we have for what we do.


As a professional guide service, we take care of everything for your half-day or multi-day river adventure. All you have to do is put together the invite list. We’d love to help you make a river rafting adventure bucket list item a reality!