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Discover the Beauty of Oregon’s Rivers

Welcome to your gateway to adventure! Whether you’re drawn to the rugged canyons, serene mountain landscapes, diverse ecosystems, or gentle river flows, we’ve categorized our trips to match your scenic desires. Dive in to find the river that calls to you and embark on a journey that resonates with your spirit of adventure.

Mountainous Landscapes Overview

Immerse yourself in the breathtaking mountainous landscapes where rivers run through lush forests, volcanic formations, and under towering peaks. These routes offer a mix of tranquil waters and challenging rapids, surrounded by nature’s majestic beauty. Ideal for those who seek the thrill of adventure against a backdrop of stunning mountain vistas.

The closest whitewater rafting to Portland

Clackamas River Rafting – Day Trip

The Wild & Scenic Clackamas River is rated as one of the best rafting adventures in Oregon and is only a 45 minute drive from Portland's East side. An unbeatable combination. Three thrilling Class II or Class III+ white water rafting trips are available to choose from. Our half-day trips on the Lower Clackamas are perfect for those new to rafting or with smaller kids. The Upper Clackamas offers a more thrilling rafting adventure. The full-day Upper Clackamas Experience is the most thrilling white water rafting trip we offer. This river has it all.

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Early season rafting

Sandy River Rafting – Day Trip

The Wild & Scenic Sandy River is an early season delight, as the water generally starts to drop by early June. It courses its way down the slopes of Mt Hood and drops into the Cascade foothills before joining the Columbia River. A great option to see the lesser known portion of this surprising scenic trip that is still close to town.

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2 days of rafting & camping

McKenzie River Rafting – Multi Day

The beautiful McKenzie River is located just East of Eugene and is one of our favorite rafting runs in the Willamette Valley. Swift, crystal clear water moves along a tree-lined river bank and is full of fun Class II+ rapids. The area is full of plenty of great camping, hiking, fishing, hot springs, and whitewater to enjoy.

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Desert & Canyon Landscapes Overview

Discover the stark beauty of desert and canyon landscapes, where the rivers carve through ancient rock formations, revealing the earth’s deep history. These areas boast dramatic vistas that contrast sharply with the blue waters, offering paddlers a visually stunning experience. Perfect for adventurers who appreciate geological wonders and the stark contrasts of desert river running.


Oregon’s Grand Canyon

Owyhee River Rafting – Multi Day

Experience rafting and exploring a true wilderness river in Oregon’s Grand Canyon, the Owyhee River. With riverside hot springs, historic ranches, geological wonders, and many other hidden secrets, each journey down this river is a fresh experience for every boater. This is one of Oregon’s finest multi-day trips that truly shows a different side of the state.

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Big scenery, great fishing & easy rafting.

John Day River Rafting – Multi Day

With mellow white water and stunning desert canyons, the Wild & Scenic John Day River trip is our most relaxing multi-day trip. The easy days on the water, wide open beaches for camping, excellent fishing, and room to explore make this perfect for your family's first rafting trip and those wanting to try a new watercraft on a row-your-own cataraft.

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Weekend Getaway

Deschutes River Rafting – Multi Day

Experience the allure of the Deschutes River with an easy multi-day rafting trip. Choose from the upper section's thrilling rapids and starlit nights, starting at Warm Springs or Trout Creek and ending at Maupin, or opt for the lower section's serene stretches and dynamic last-day rapids, starting at Buckhollow and concluding at Heritage Landing. Both trips offer stunning canyon views, ample wildlife sightings, and excellent conditions for fishing and swimming in one of the West Coast's premier rivers.

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The sunny side of Oregon rafting

Deschutes River Rafting – Day Trip

Oregon's #1 most popular one-day white water rafting trip. The Wild & Scenic Deschutes River rafting trip flows through high desert with consistent and exciting Class III-IV white water rapids. Suitable for beginners, your rafting trip also features world-class fishing and lots of wildlife. This river is only 2 hours from Portland and offers lots of sunshine and swimming even when Western Oregon is cloudy.

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Rivers with Diverse Ecosystems

Navigate rivers that flow through a variety of ecosystems, from rolling hills and lush forests to rugged, untamed canyons. Each river tells its own story of ecological diversity, offering a rich tapestry of flora and fauna. These trips are great for nature lovers who enjoy bird watching, wildlife spotting, and learning about different ecological zones.


The biggest river we run

Salmon River Rafting – Multi Day

The Lower Salmon River is the quintessential Pacific Northwest river rafting adventure that is perfect for families with kids. Known as the famous "River of No Return," it is the biggest river O.R.E. runs and many of our clients have said it's our most exciting trip. The river is in the second deepest canyon in North America, is the longest completely free-flowing, undammed river in the lower 48 states, and holds a wealth of history along its storied banks.

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An American Classic of the West

Rogue River Rafting – Multi Day

The Wild & Scenic Rogue River canyon is an enchanting blend of lush forests, fern grottos, beautiful sandy beaches, sparkling waterfalls, lovely side streams, and cool clear swimming holes. The river boasts 35+ mainly Level III white water rafting rapids over 42 miles, in addition to historical sights, hikes, and peaceful riverside greens. This idyllic white water canyon provides our longest river rafting season from May through September.

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Gentle and Pastoral Landscapes

Enjoy the softer side of river adventures with trips along rivers that meander through scenic valleys and gentle landscapes. These waters provide a peaceful paddling experience, allowing you to relax and soak in the pastoral beauty. Suited for families, beginners, or those looking for a calm day on the water, these routes offer beauty and tranquility.


Great family trip!

Grande Ronde River Rafting – Multi Day

Located in the Northeast corner of Oregon, the Wild & Scenic Grande Ronde River is considered to be on the "mild" side with many Class II+ rapids. It makes a great, relaxing whitewater river rafting adventure for the whole family. It journeys through the confluence of the Wallowa and Grande Ronde rivers and is home to forested river banks, high desert scenery, great wildlife, and bird watching, along with abundant fishing opportunities

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Great trip for families

Santiam River Rafting – Day Trip

The North Santiam River offers a great introduction to whitewater rafting. Conveniently located near Salem and Portland, it's a great river to raft year round. Our half-day and full-day options include lots of swimming opportunities, crystal clear water and mild, splashy rapids like Spencer's Hole, Carnivore and Mill City Falls. It's a river rafting trip suitable for everyone, whether they be novices or a veteran rafter.

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