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Rogue River Rafting Multi-Day

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The breathtaking and awe-inspiring Rogue River rafting trip is a must-do for any white water rafter, kayaker, or even hiker. With over 35+ rapids and riffles ranging from class II-IV in 42 miles, there is plenty of excitement on this river trip, all while soaking up the Southern Oregon sunshine.

Rafting on the Rogue River means floating one of the first rivers to be preserved as a Wild & Scenic river by Congress. The Rogue River canyon is an enchanting blend of lush forests, fern grottos, beautiful sandy beaches, sparkling waterfalls, lovely side streams, and cool clear swimming holes. The river boasts mainly Level III rapids, historical sights, hikes, and peaceful riverside greens. There’s a stretch on the Rogue River, Rainie Falls, that requires a portage where the guides take the rafts down a fish ladder chute and the guests walk around. This is spectacular white water with great photo opportunities.

Spring comes late to the Rogue River because of its elevation. Your May/June rafting trip will see some of the best colors on the river. The water runs a bit higher in the Spring, making for some thrilling white water. Summer trips are full of sunshine and swimming in cool riverside creeks. Fall trips bring striking colors in trees and hillsides along with a lessening of the busy summer crowds.

It’s wild country and wildlife is everywhere: river otters, deer, black bears, bald eagles, osprey, mergansers, salmon, and sturgeon. The Rogue River white water rafting trip is a favorite of our guides. They enjoy entertaining guests with historic stories of the miners, Native Americans, and outlaws who once called this river canyon home.

You can choose from a variety of Rogue River rafting trip options ranging; from 3-5 day camping trips, luxurious lodge trips, and even raft-supported hiking. You can also learn how to kayak or row a cataraft in the learn to row clinic.


  • Season: May–September
  • Meeting Location: Galice, OR
  • Meeting Time: 8:30 AM
  • Nearest City: Grants Pass, OR
  • Trip Length: 3, 4, or 5 days
  • Level/Difficulty: Class III+, (Novice-Intermediate)
  • Minimum Age: 7
  • Minimum Total Trip Size: If your group (combined with other groups who have requested the same trip) together total less than 5 then your reservation will be on hold until minimum trip size is met. Your credit card will not be charged until trip is confirmed.
    – 5 guest minimum for overnight trip


  • A classic river of the West, with great whitewater rapids for everyone.
  • Postcard-worthy views of a beautiful river canyon full of wildlife like bald eagles, black bears, otters, and many others.
  • Great side hikes, swimming holes, and historical homesteads.
  • Spring wildflowers in May, Sun and rapids in Summer, Fall colors, and steelhead in Autumn.


Rafting & Camping Trips

Embrace the great outdoors with our Rogue River camping trip, where you’ll sleep under the stars and wake up to the serene sounds of flowing water, fully immersed in nature.




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Rafting & Lodging Trips

Experience the Rogue River in comfort with our lodging option, offering cozy accommodations along the riverbanks, perfect for those who enjoy adventure by day and comfort by night.



  • 5/25/24 – 4.5 DAY RAFT & LODGING
  • 6/28/24 – 4 DAY RAFT & LODGING


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Rafting, Camping & Lodging Trips

Enjoy the best of both worlds on our Rogue River trip that blends nights of camping under the open sky with the comfort of lodging, providing a versatile and enriching river experience.





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Additional Information

O.R.E. offers many specialized trips on the Wild & Scenic Rogue River through partner organizations. If you’re interested in hiking & educational-focused trips, you should look at Road Scholar. Some others include kayaking instruction through companies like Current Adventures & Gradient River Essentials. We are also happy to work with Sierra Club Outings and many others.

If you have a group interested in chartering a whole trip, we offer many options to customize your river experience.


Trip Option Details

3 Day Camping:
Embark on a thrilling 3-day camping adventure along the Rogue River. Experience the rush of class II-IV rapids amidst stunning scenery, including lush forests, sandy beaches, and sparkling waterfalls. Enjoy peaceful riverside campsites and immerse yourself in the beauty of Southern Oregon.


4 Day Camping:
Delve into a 4-day camping journey along the Rogue River, where excitement and natural beauty await at every turn. Navigate thrilling rapids, explore lush forests, and relax at scenic riverside campsites. With over 35 rapids and riffles, this trip promises unforgettable adventures for outdoor enthusiasts.


5 Day Camping:
Dive into a 5-day camping expedition along the Rogue River, immersing yourself in the wonders of Oregon’s wilderness. From exhilarating class II-IV rapids to tranquil swimming holes and picturesque waterfalls, each day offers new experiences and breathtaking vistas. Discover the magic of the Rogue River on this unforgettable journey.


3 Day Lodge:
Experience the comfort and luxury of a 3-day lodge retreat along the Rogue River. Indulge in serene surroundings, gourmet meals, and guided excursions while exploring the scenic beauty of the river canyon. With comfortable accommodations and thrilling adventures, this trip combines relaxation with excitement.


4 Day Lodge:
Unwind on a 4-day lodge escape along the Rogue River, where adventure meets luxury in the heart of Southern Oregon. Relax in deluxe accommodations, savor delicious meals, and explore the natural wonders of the river canyon. From thrilling rapids to tranquil hikes, this trip offers something for everyone.


For over 35 years we’ve run whitewater rafting trips on ten of the best rivers Oregon and Idaho have to offer. Our safety record is excellent. Our guides are friendly, skilled professionals. We use only the best, professional quality rafting equipment. And we offer an unsurpassed variety of boats from which to choose: oar rafts, paddle rafts, inflatable kayaks, and our unique, custom designed Row-Your-Own catarafts.

For more about who we are please click or touch more about O.R.E.

Almost anyone can go. No prior rafting experience is necessary, and no prior camping experience is needed for our multi-day trips. We welcome children ages 7 and up on most of our rivers (some options can be 5 years old), and adults of all ages. While we recommend that our guests know how to swim, non-swimmers are free to join us on most trips (with the exception of certain high-water spring trips).

No, even if it’s your first time we have a trip that can work for you.


O.R.E.’s safety record is excellent. That’s because your safety is our number one priority. Running rivers, like other outdoor activities, involves an element of risk. But we work hard to protect your safety and well being. Our guides are trained in river safety and first aid skills. Each trip begins with a thorough safety orientation. Coast Guard Approved life jackets are worn at all times while on the river, and complete first aid and emergency kits are carried on each trip.

Yes, we operate trips even if it is raining. After all, it is whitewater rafting and we enjoy the water. On the rare occasion that conditions warrant it because of safety concerns, O.R.E. will cancel a trip.

Yes, we are unable to accommodate walk-up businesses/customers due to trip planning etc.  Day trips can fully book up for the weekends during the summer, so it is best to reserve early. Mid-week trips and spring/fall trips are not as busy.

We provide top-quality professional rafting equipment, including U.S. Coast Guard Approved lifejackets, helmets, and other safety gear. 


Your trip fare covers all expenses from the time we meet until the time we say goodbye. Tents, sleeping bags, pads, waterproof river bags and boxes for your personal gear, and transportation to and from the river from a designated meeting place is included.


We also provide outstanding, freshly prepared meals from lunch on the first day through lunch on the last. Juice, coffee, and tea are provided. Complimentary wine is provided with dinners.

Our meals vary depending on trip length, river, time of year, and the needs and preferences of our guests. But all are high quality, healthful, delicious, and freshly prepared by our guides.


Perishable fruits, vegetables, meats, and dairy products are packed on ice. After each meal, dishes, utensils, and cookware are cleaned using an approved four-step dishwashing system, including a sterilizing rinse.


Sample Menu – a Day on the River


  • French toast topped with powdered sugar and warm peaches, with crispy bacon, fresh fruit salad, juice, gourmet coffee, and tea.
  • Other breakfasts include scrambled eggs, fresh-baked Dutch oven cinnamon rolls, breakfast sandwiches, and eggs Benedict.



  • Assortment of whole wheat bread, deli meats, and cheeses, served buffet-style along with an assortment of additional sandwich ingredients such as onion, tomato, and pepperoncini. Accompanying these items are fresh seasonal fruit, cookies, and cold water and juice.
  • Other lunches include curried chicken salad sandwiches, burritos, and pesto pasta salad.



  • Gourmet cheese and crackers or melon appetizer followed by grilled salmon served with Caesar salad and red potatoes topped with a light basil cream sauce.
  • Other dinners include beef bourguignon, Thai green curry, enchiladas, and lasagna.



  • Chocolate fondue served with fresh seasonal fruit for dipping.
  • Other desserts include cheesecake, strawberry shortcake, Dutch oven-baked brownies, apple crisp, and rhubarb pie.

Our menus are designed to enable us to accommodate a variety of medical dietary restrictions as well as personal dietary preferences. Our meals are prepared on the river rather than pre-made, so it is typically easy for us to prepare portions on the side that lack (for instance) onions you may be allergic to, or meat for those who are vegetarian or vegan.

If you have specific dietary needs or preferences then please let us know. And feel free to call or email us if you have any questions about meals.

Vegans and Vegetarians: All of our menus include ample fresh fruits and vegetables. When our guests let us know that they are vegetarian or vegan we can add hummus, tofu, and other protein sources to our meals. Also, meals that normally include animal or dairy products will be prepared so that separate portions are available without these ingredients.

Food allergies (including nut, gluten, and dairy): Meals will be prepared so that side dishes are available that avoid these items. As appropriate we will also provide substitutes such as soy milk or gluten-free bread, snacks, and pasta.

Youthful preferences: Children can be picky eaters. So we are happy to provide kid-friendly meal options upon request such as hot dogs, hamburgers, macaroni and cheese, and grilled cheese sandwiches. In addition, peanut butter and jelly is always available.


Beverages: Water is always available, and juice is available in camp and at lunch each day. Coffee as well as hot water for tea and hot chocolate is available in camp, and fruit juices are served in the mornings with breakfast. We are happy to serve wine complementary with dinner. This wine comes from our friends and partners at Goose Ridge Winery. We feature their Cascadian Outfitters label on our trips.

You are welcome to bring soda, beer, additional wine, spirits, or other drinks, and we will endeavor to keep these on ice for you as needed. Please avoid glass containers when possible.

Please note that our policies vary for day trips and multi-day trips. See below.


O.R.E. rarely cancels a trip, but we reserve the right to cancel or reschedule due to water level fluctuations, insufficient reservations, or other factors beyond our control. If we cancel, we’ll refund your fees in full, but we cannot reimburse you for other travel expenses you may have incurred.


A deposit, payable by check, or credit or debit card, confirms your reservation. Deposit amounts are $200 per person for all overnight/multi-day trips. Lodge trips may require an additional deposit. (Exception: Full payment is required at the time of reservation if less than 30 days remain before the trip begins.)




Cancellations, Transfers, and Refunds:

Please notify us as soon as possible if you find it necessary to cancel your reservation. Because we lose the ability to sell reserved spaces to other individuals or groups, we strictly adhere to the following policies:


  • 60 to 31 Days in Advance: Deposit held. Any additional payments will be credited towards future trips.
  • 30 Days or less: No refund. All payments are held.


(Rogue lodge and camp/lodge trips may incur additional cancellation fees if they are levied by one or more of the lodges.)

Yes! We partner with a local guide and offer this as an option for those looking to fish along their trip. Click here for more details, and be sure to read below for information regarding fishing license requirements. 

You will need to check the local fishing regulations as we operate in many different river locations. You will need a fishing license for the state that you are in. Both Idaho and Oregon offer daily passes and annual for in-state and out-of-state residents. Youth ages 12 and under in Oregon and 14 in Idaho do not require a license.


You will be able to fish from campsites and at lunchtime, but we cannot guarantee that you will be able to fish from the rafts while we are moving downriver. If you’re interested in having a fishing guide and an assigned raft for fishing let us know, we may be able to arrange on request.


Plan a perfect river excursion with all the right information at your fingertips. Learn about our stunning locales, explore our detailed gear book, or reach out with any other questions so we can make your trip as smooth as possible.