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About Our Gear & Rental Opportunities

O.R.E. uses high quality professional grade outdoor and rafting equipment for all of our trips.


Multi-Day trips come standard with 3-person free-standing tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, and sleeping bag liners. Our multi-day trips use Hyside rafts and inflatable kayaks ranging from 14 ft to 18 ft. Our 14 ft paddle boats hold up to six people and 14 ft row-your-own catarafts can hold 3 people.


For those looking for even more comfort on camping trips we have deluxe packages available for rental which include a sleeping cot, camping pillow and larger tent.


Our day trips utilize 13 ft paddle boats from NRS that hold up to six paddlers, plus the guide. We install footcups in all of our paddle boats, making for a more secure ride.


For those early season and cool weather trips we have farmer john/jane style wetsuits, splash jackets, pants and neoprene booties available.


If you’re interested in O.R.E. branded clothing, let us know and we will either bring your new gear to your trip or mail it out to you.


With O.R.E. running 10 different rivers means that we have to have a lot of different types of boats. Whether it be our sporty day trip paddle rafts or row-your-own cataraft or one of our 18 ft barges for the Lower Salmon, we have a boat for everything. We even enjoy some less formal crafts on our multi day trips, like stand-up-paddle boards, river float tubes or maybe even a blow up unicorn.


Guided Oar Rafts
Guided oar rafts are standard on all our multi-day trips and available by request on day trips. They’re the boat to choose if comfort, safety, relaxation, and sightseeing are your primary interests. (1 to 5 guests plus guide per oar raft; your guide does all the rowing.)


Row-your-own Cataraft
Row-your-own” catarafts are small and lively. They’re the boat to choose if you’re looking for excitement, freedom and a sense of accomplishment combined with a high degree of comfort. A $40/day rental fee applies to all row-your-own cataracts. (1 to 3 guests per cataraft. O.R.E. guides provide instruction and supervision but are not present in the boat with you.)


Prior rafting experience is highly recommended (i.e. in paddle rafts or guided oar rafts). We also recommend either prior rowing experience or a moderately high level of physical fitness. But you do not need to be a daredevil – or a super athlete – to pilot your own cataraft under our supervision.


We outfit you and a boat partner with one of our custom designed craft, rigged with frame and oars. We provide coaching and encouragement, and while your guides lead the way you float “follow the leader” style down the river. You trade off rowing with your boat partner and have ample time to relax, take pictures, or take in the passing scenery. Oregon River Experiences pioneered row-your-own river vacations. This is the ultimate “hands-on” rafting adventure.


Row-your-own catarafts are available as an add-on for most of our multi-day trips. Availability is dependent upon water levels.


Paddle Rafts
Paddle Rafts are standard on all our day trips, and available by request on multi-day trips. These popular craft mix whitewater excitement with teamwork and fellowship. (4-7 guests plus a guide; everyone gets to paddle.)


Inflatable Kayaks
Inflatable Kayaks are small, highly maneuverable one-person or two-person craft. They’re fast and exciting but also surprisingly stable. We provide inflatable kayaks for use on a shared basis on all our multi-day trips, water levels permitting. (O.R.E. guides provide instruction and supervision.)
Kayaks may be reserved for exclusive personal use by special arrangement only. A rental fee applies to kayaks reserved for exclusive personal use: see our rental gear page for details.


Stand-up Paddle Boards
We bring one or two Stand-up Paddle Boards (SUPs) on our Rogue, Salmon and John Day River trips (water levels permitting). The boards are fun to paddle, and are a great thing to try if you are looking for something new. You don’t need much whitewater to have a great time with a SUP. For safety we allow their use in flat water and selected small rapids only, but trust us, they’re plenty exciting even when the river is mild!


Our guides routinely inspect equipment for safety to ensure our trips run smoothly and safely.

About Our Gear Rentals

  • Wetsuit: $5 per day
    • Includes farmer john style wetsuit, wetsuit booties & splash jacket.
  • Deluxe Sleep Kit: $15 per day
    • Includes full-length sleeping cot, paco style pad, sleeping bag, sleeping bag liner and camping pillow.
  • Deluxe Tent: per day/per tent
    • Tents are 4 person (recommended 2 people w/cots or 3 people w/pads) Alps Outfitter Tent. Includes tent, rain-fly and ground cloth.
  • Self-bailing Inflatable Kayak: $20 per day
    • One person inflatable kayaks (I.K.) are available on most multi-day trips on a shared basis. Rental is for your personal exclusive use of an I.K.
  • Self-bailing Cataraft (row-your-own): $40 per day
    • Catarafts are 14ft long. Hold 2-3 adults.