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Unique Rafting Experiences Throughout Oregon

Explore our specialty trips

O.R.E. provides a variety of specialty trips that are different than your standard rafting trip. We specialize in working with groups on education focused trips, hiking trips, kayaking instruction, multi-generational, youth groups, community college, local parks & recreation district and many others.


We offer select trips with various partner organizations that can fit the specific type of trip your looking for. Partners include specialized trips through Road Scholar, Sierra Club Outings, Current Adventures Kayaking, Gradient River Essentials and many others.

Trips lasting 2-9 Days

Our trips range from 2 to 9 days, offering a variety of durations to fit your schedule and allow for a truly immersive experience in Oregon's stunning river landscapes.

7 incredible rivers

Explore the unique character of Oregon's waterways with trips running on seven distinct rivers, each offering its own set of breathtaking vistas and thrilling rapids.

We build on 45+ years of experience

With 45 years of experience guiding adventurers through Oregon’s rivers, we bring a depth of knowledge and a commitment to safety that ensures an unforgettable experience on the water.

Road Scholar Trips

O.R.E. partners with Road Scholar, the world’s largest educational travel organization for adults, to offer a diverse array of river trips that blend adventure with learning. As Road Scholar’s most experienced rafting outfitter, we provide extensive educational programs on topics from river safety and botany to Native American mythology and gold rush history. Our experiential trips, ranging from whitewater rafting to relaxed biking tours across historical sites, invite participants to engage deeply with each activity, supported by our expert guides and guest instructors.

For bookings, contact Road Scholar directly at 1-877-426-8056 or visit roadscholar.org.

Great for older adults

Road Scholar Rafting Trip

Our river trips ran in cooperation with Road Scholar offer even greater opportunities for education with a focus on learning. No matter what O.R.E. trip you take you will find that our guides enjoy sharing their knowledge of the river with you. By the trip's end, you've had a fun and rejuvenating vacation, and you may find you've learned a thing or two along the way.

Current Adventures

Current Adventures Kayak School and Trips is a premier kayak school with a team deeply committed to the paddling lifestyle. We offer comprehensive personal and group instruction in all aspects of kayaking, backed by over 15 years of experience. Our expert instructors, in partnership with Oregon River Experiences, provide raft-supported trips that cater to both beginners and seasoned paddlers.


Join us with family or friends for an unforgettable adventure, where you can master kayaking skills, surf, and explore the wilderness rivers from the seat of your kayak.

Raft supported kayaking multi-day trips.

Current Adventures Rogue Kayaking

Enjoy an unforgettable 4-day adventure with Current Adventures Kayak School and Trips, where thrilling whitewater rapids, stunning scenery, and delicious meals await. With full raft support from Oregon River Experiences and expert kayak instructors by your side, this trip promises excitement and camaraderie for all.

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Multi-Day Kayaking

Current Adventures Owhyee Kayaking

Experience the ultimate river adventure with O.R.E. & Current Adventures Kayak School and Trips. Our expert kayak instructors and raft guides ensure a top-notch experience for all, providing full support throughout your journey. Join us for an unforgettable adventure on the stunning Owyhee River, where every moment is filled with excitement and camaraderie.

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Experience the thrill of white water kayaking on the renowned Rogue River, known for its deep gorges, breathtaking scenery, abundant wildlife, and exciting Class II-IV rapids. The Wild and Scenic Rogue River Canyon stands out as one of the premier wilderness kayak journeys in the United States, offering a world-class river experience.


Oregon River Experiences is thrilled to partner with Gradient River Essentials Kayak School to bring you an exclusive 45-mile kayaking expedition. This adventure is an opportunity not only to embrace the natural beauty of Oregon’s landscapes but also to sharpen your kayaking skills under expert guidance.


Multi-Day Kayaking

Gradients Rogue River Kayaking

Elevate your kayaking skills while sharing the thrill with friends and family on a raft trip with Gradient River Essentials. Perfect for kayakers seeking advancement, our exclusive 45-mile expedition down the Rogue River promises unforgettable adventures for all.

Raft Supported Hikes

Experience the Wild & Scenic Rogue River hiking trail with just a daypack, while rafts carry your gear. Choose from 4 or 5-night trips, hiking 5-14 miles daily through stunning Pacific Northwest canyons, with prepared lunches and dinners at riverside camps or historic lodges. Enjoy sweeping river views, hidden creeks, and the option to float on a raft for a unique perspective, making this an ideal trip for those seeking a luxurious yet adventurous hiking experience.

Raft & Hike the Rogue

Raft Supported Hikes

Many wilderness rivers are partially accessible via hiking trails but rarely do those trails follow the river for any length. The historic Rogue River Hiking Trail is a notable exception, as it parallels the river's most scenic and pristine 40 miles. This trip is the best of both worlds, combining hiking and a little bit of rafting.

Sierra Club

O.R.E. is proud to partner with Sierra Club Outings to provide a variety of trips that focus on the ethos of the Sierra Club.  With volunteer leaders from the Sierra Club presenting education about the changing environment of each river, the history of the area and coordinating the trip to make it a special one for all participants.  Many of these trips include activities before heading out on the river.  All Sierra Club Outings trips are booked directly through SCO.

John Day Trip:

All Sierra Club Outings trips are booked directly through SCO.

Rogue River Trip:

All Sierra Club Outings trips are booked directly through SCO.



Day Trips

Discover the thrill of the Oregon rivers with our day trips, perfect for those short on time but eager for adventure. Whether you’re paddling through rapid waters or enjoying a peaceful float, our day trips offer a quick escape into nature’s embrace, suitable for all ages and experience levels.

Multi-Day Trips

Extend your adventure with our multi-day river trips. Immerse yourself in the serene beauty of Oregon’s rivers, camping under the stars and paddling through breathtaking landscapes. Perfect for those who crave a deeper connection with nature.