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Row-your-own boat down the
river and let us take care of everything else.

The unique row-your-own program is truly one of the best ways to have your own Oregon River Experience. This is a great option for guests who have prior rafting experience and have some basic rowing skills.


The 14 ft cataraft is set up for you to row down the river with a light load of gear to balance out the boat. With room for 1-2 passengers up front, you can choose to share the rowing responsibilities with others in your party or row the whole river.


Our guides will start off with a quick skills check and go over proper downriver procedures. Most of our rivers are class III with some rapids that can be tricky, which makes for a great place to hone those rowing skills. Our guides will give you signals to help navigate each section of rapids, and you’ll learn to use a river map too. For more difficult rapids, we will get out and scout the rapid. In some cases, a guide can row your boat through or ride along.


This is not a pure instruction type of trip. Guests should have basic river running skills in class II+/III+ rivers. Skills should include safe boat control skills, entering and exiting eddies, staying at the group pace, the ability to independently enter/exit the boat, and others.


With our many different river options to row-your-own, there are opportunities to hone your river skills and progress even more. If you’re just trying a new adventure out, then the slower waters of the John Day are a great place to start with class II+ rapids mostly and long sections of calm to work on your technique. The Grande Ronde is the next river to look at with no major rapids, but a much swifter current that gets you used to rowing in quick moving water that requires precise oar strokes.


If it’s time to move into some harder options, the Lower Salmon is a great place to try your skills on a higher volume river but still offers long recovery pools between rapids. The same goes for the early season special of the Owyhee River, which provides a bit more technical rafting than the Lower Salmon. Finally, the Wild & Scenic Rogue is the hardest to row, with its tighter channels, rockier drops, and bigger rapids.


We require a river resume highlighting relevant experience alongside proof of your ability to properly row or previous attendance on an O.R.E. guided tour.


Add a cataract rental onto your O.R.E. trip for $40 per day. This rental is only available for guests who are on an O.R.E. trip.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, this is not an instructional class. Guests should have experience rowing in whitewater. If you are interested in learning to row and don’t have prior experience, we may be available to offer private instruction. Please contact us for private instruction.

No, you can carry as little gear as you want on your boat. We usually advise carrying a few bags or other light gear to help balance out the raft. Our guides will assist you in loading/unloading. Your boat will be ready upon arrival at the boat ramp on day one.

Essentially yes. If you choose to have a row-your-own raft we expect that either you or people in your party will be rowing that boat for the whole trip. Our guides cannot row your boat, as they have gear boats and passenger boats to get downriver. On rare occasions, we can break down a cataraft and stow it for the remainder of the trip.

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