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Grande Ronde River Rafting

A Grande Ronde River Rafting trip is a hidden gem for Oregon white water, tucked in the NE corner of the state.  The wooded river hillsides cut its way through a deep canyon creating stunning scenery, full of pines, wildlife and majestical classic riverside campsites.

A Grande Ronde rafting trip is considered to be on the "mild" side.  The Class II+ rapids are still full of bouncy wave trains and water shooting off of roostertails, while providing enough of excitement for everyone in between soaking up the gorgeous scenery.  With its swift current and crystal clear waters coming from the near by Wallowa mountains the Grande Ronde River is perfect for your families next river rafting trip.

The standard 3 day trip starts at Minam travels through the wooded section of the Wallowa and Grande Ronde rivers.  The trip concludes in the town of Troy or at a near by boat ramp.  The 5 day trip continues down river joining the high desert scenery of Hells Canyon and eventually concluding on the Snake River at Heller Bar, in Washington.

  • Travel on two rivers the Wallowa and Grande Ronde, with postcard worthy riverside campsites.
  • Fun class II+ rapids; great for a family or to learn how to inflatable kayak on.
  • Great fishing opportunities and a huge range of wildlife among the forested canyons and side creeks.

2021 SEASON: May - July


JUNE: 6/14/21- 3 DAY RAFTING


            7/14/21- 3 DAY RAFTING


July 9th-12th, 2021

The serene setting of riverside yoga along with a wonderful introduction into rafting makes this an experience like no other. Join Jordan Aftanas and Brianna Gordon for a 3 night, 4 day yoga + rafting adventure! These two yogis will be guiding you through a beautiful inward journey as we adventure and immerse ourselves in the secluded outdoor magic along the Grand Ronde river. You will enjoy yoga and meditation every morning and evening and while soaking up the beauty of a multiple day rafting trip. You will be guided and fully supported by the rafting experts from Oregon River Experiences, who will be providing the guiding along with all the necessary equipment and a special menu.

  • 4 days, 3 nights: $995
  • Yoga instruction 2X per day.
  • Other mindful exercises and group lead activities
  • Professionally guided rafting and equipment provided
  • All meals included
  • All camping equipment included: tents, sleeping bags, pads
  • For more details

Trip Highlights

  • Mild whitewater. A very relaxing trip.
  • Beautiful forest and canyon scenery.
  • A very good river for viewing wildlife, especially birds.
  • Clear water, good fishing.
  • Near Wallowa Lake and near Hell's Canyon National Recreation Area.

Trip Summary

  • Near: La Grande
  • Trip Length: 3 or 5 days
  • Meeting Time: 7:30 AM or 9:00 AM
  • Season: May 1 - July
  • Boat Options: paddle raft, oar raft, row-yourself cataraft, inflatable kayak
  • Whitewater Rating: II+ (novice)
  • Suggested minimum age: 6

3 Day Trip Guide (pdf)
5 Day Trip Guide (pdf)

Trip LengthAvailabilityPrice per Person 
Three DaysAvailable most days (party size restrictions may apply.)Adult: $845
Youth: $695
Five DaysAvailable most days for private charter. (Minimum of 6 party size restrictions may apply.)Adult: $1400
Youth: $1100

Three Day Grande Ronde River Trip

  • Minam to Troy
  • Trip meets at 9:00 AM on day one and ends at 6:00 PM on day three*
  • $845 for adults and $695 for youth (age 12 and under). Parties of 12 or more are eligible for a group discount on most trip dates. Please contact us for details concerning group rates.
  • All camping gear provided; tent, sleeping bag, pad, group gear.
  • All meals starting with lunch on day 1 through lunch on final day.
  • River water levels and trip capacity may limit availability.
  • Before you book you may want to review our deposit, cancellation, and refund policies.
  • Minimum total trip size is 4 people. If your group (combined with other groups who have requested the same trip) together total less than 4 then your reservation will be on hold until minimum trip size is met. Your credit card will not be charged until trip is confirmed
  • Minimum age is 6.
  • Youth pricing is for 12 & under when accompanied by an adult.