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Guest Post – My Favorite River

Our senior guide Ted Brownrigg shared this great post on his personal blog, and we’re resharing here with his permission. Enjoy!


It never fails, when guiding, I am always asked my favorite river. My answer is always the same; my favorite river is the one I am currently on. It is a bit of an untruth but necessary to keeping our customers focused on the amazing place we are currently experiencing.


rogue river

At my company, Oregon River Experiences, we have permits and offer trips on 9 rivers in Oregon and 1 in Idaho, so as a guide I have the privilege to visit a variety of places each summer. I’ve become spoiled by the ability to travel from river to river and the pleasure of seeing all that is different on each river. But I learned early not to talk of other rivers while on a trip. It takes the focus from the one I am on. I want my customers to enjoy the current experience.

The untruth comes from the fact I do have a favorite river, the wild and scenic Rogue River. The Rogue is special for so many reasons. As one of the first eight wild and scenic river designated back in 1968, it was recognized as a unique river with a special history. Early in my career and the first trips on the Rogue I was focused on running the river. After a good number of years, I have learned that it’s not just the river but also the geology, people, ecosystem and the history of the place that makes it special. There is magic to the place, a uniqueness different from other rivers. Ghosts of the Native Americans exist. Memories of the old miners are hidden in the surrounding hills and secrets are abundant, waiting to be discovered by anyone who chooses to look.

oregon river rafting

If you love rivers, this is a river to enjoy. It is a bucket list river. I am in awe of this place – the Rogue River – and I keep coming back.

Oregon River Experiences offers regular trips on the wild and scenic Rogue River throughout the summer. Whether you want to ride the river and camp, stay in wilderness lodges or hike the famous Rogue River Trail – we have something for anyone who wants to visit this special river.

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