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Lower Salmon River FAQs

The Lower Salmon river rafting trip is truly one of a kind! The canyons are big, and the beaches are big, white, and sandy, like being at the ocean (we’ll argue better). The rapids are full of big splashy waves with names like Half-&-Half or Snow Hole.  The soaring views downriver & upriver make for a whitewater multiday trip that is a favorite for anyone who ever goes. Oregon River Experiences receives a lot of questions regarding this bucket list trip, so here are a few of our most commonly asked questions.


Where and when does this rafting trip start? 

We meet to raft the Lower Salmon near Lewiston, Idaho. We meet at our designated place at 7:30 am. 


How long is this river rafting trip?

Depending on the trip options, you will either be joining us for a four-day adventure or a five-day adventure. Plan for your trip to end around 5:00 pm on your last day. 


Is camping equipment included?

Yes! All camping gear is provided. That includes a tent, sleeping bag, pad, and any group gear that would be necessary for a successful trip. 


Is food included?

All meals starting with lunch on day 1 and ending with lunch on the final day will be included for this trip. 


Is there an age requirement for this trip? 

While we don’t have a requirement, we recommend that only children above the age of 7 join us for this trip. The rapids on this trip are considered to be intermediate. 


What else is included in this trip?

Each standard trip includes a jet boat shuttle ride out from the Snake River all the way into Lewiston! This takes your river experience to a whole new level.


This is just an intro to get you started and pique your interest. Of course, you may need more information, so contact us by calling us at 503-563-1500 or on our site at Contact. This trip is a fan favorite over at Oregon River Experiences, and we know that you will love it as much as we do. Start planning your next great adventure today!  


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