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About Our Prices

What's included:  All rafting and some camping gear is included - safety equipment, waterproof river bags and boxes for your personal gear, camp chairs, and sleeping bags and tents on certain trips.  Shuttle service is also included (transportation from the trip’s ending point back to our meeting place). The services of our professional guides and staff, are included, of course, as are all meals. Applicable federal government taxes and access fees are included as well.

What's not included: Optional gratuities and optional pre and post trip lodging costs are not included, nor is transportation from your home or other point of origin to our meeting place.

Prices are subject to change without notice.  See the Oregon River Experiences Terms and Conditions.

You may come across RogueSalmon, or Owyhee river trips that are considerably more expensive than are our trips. Unlike O.R.E.’s standard trips, these more expensive trips typically include use of company sleeping bags and tent, and a guide may go ahead of the trip to set up camp for you. Extra beer and soft drinks may be provided, and the company’s staff may offer to book pre and post trip lodging for you.

If these additional services appeal to you, they’re available at O.R.E. via our Deluxe & Custom Packages, but we think the option should be up to you.  With tent rentals, sleeping kits available on all the trips and the ability to customize things for you, their is a memorable Oregon river rafting experience waiting for you.  If you just need some assistance in setting some things up, let us help you out

Deluxe River Trip Packages

The level of service and amenity is high on our standard trips*. However, we also offer additional services to those looking for a little something extra.

  • Deluxe day-drip packages may be created to include:
  • Round trip transportation from area airports, hotels and resorts
  • Custom barbecue lunch or dinner
  • Custom itineraries.

Deluxe multi-day trip packages may be assembled to include some or all of the above, plus:

  • Sleeping bag, pad and tents to be provided.
  • Additional staff assigned to trip, who will set up camp – and your tent – prior to your arrival.
  • Premium wine and beer plus soft drinks to be provided.
  • Our staff can book your pre and post trip lodging if you wish.

* Our standard prices include the services of our professional guides and staff, transportation to our launch point from our meeting place and back again, all meals (including coffee, tea, fresh water, juice, and wine with dinner), all rafting and safety equipment, waterproof river bags and boxes for your personal gear, and camp chairs.